Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Tooth Fairy Makes a Wish Come True!

I can't believe I lost my tooth yesterday. I was pulling my tooth up and down, up and down. All of a sudden, I twisted it one way and then the other. I pulled it down and it was out. I was very excited and surprised because I didn't think it would come out that quickly. There wasn't a lot of blood so it was definitely ready to come out. We put the tooth in a little cup of water to take out the blood that was in the tooth. Before bed, I wrote a note that said...
Dear Tooth Fairy,
I have lost my 8th tooth! Can I have a real crystal and diamond? Thanks a lot! Can we keep my tooth?

Believe it or not, she put an arrow to the back and wrote back.

You can keep your tooth. You are lucky, I had one diamond left...Keep brushing! You are a SUPER kid and your sister is too!
The Tooth Fairy

WOW! After a nightmare, I woke up and called for my mom. While I waited for her, I remembered that my tooth was out. There was a diamond there and it was very, very small. Mom came in and said,"Turn off the light and put that thing back in the tooth box." She stayed with me for a few minutes and went back to bed.

In the morning, I got up and remembered that there was a diamond in the tooth box. I opened it up and looked at it. I couldn't believe how shiny and small it was. I went into my mom's room and snuggled with her and showed her. My dad had already left for work so he hasn't seen it yet. I called him on the phone and told him all about it. I think he's very proud of me.

After a couple of hours I put it in a tissue and then a special wooden apple. It's about the size of a seven year old's fist. Then after about one more hour I took it out of the box and tissue and it was shinier than ever! So, I put it back in to let it sit until dinner when I'll see how it looks.

I'm nervous about losing it. It's so small and precious. I'm also curious about it. I wonder if it has magic powers. If it does, maybe it can help the world and our environment.

Rolling out for now...

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Grammy said...

Dear Jacob,

You must have a special relationship with the Tooth Fairy--I have never heard of being able to keep your tooth AND getting a diamond/jewel that might possibly be able to help people. This is newsworthy!

I can't wait to see you tomorrow and go to the wedding with you. The only thing that makes me really sad is that your dad will not be with us. I know we could have had a lot of fun. We will have to take lots of pictures so he will be able to see what went on.

See you tomorrow.

Love, Grammy