Thursday, July 3, 2008

Today I finished my Magic Tree House book and took a Book Adventure quiz. I couldn't believe that I read it so fast. Seven chapters last night and 3 this morning. I will start a new book today for sure. Every time I finish a book I earn computer time or TV time. I hope that we go to the pool today. If we do, I will play with my sister the whole time. Today we were talking about Evelyn going to the movie theater. She and Mom were going to go to a "GIRL" movie together and leave Dad and me to do a "BOY" activity. Well, to my amazement, Evelyn wanted me to go with her. She said that she loves me and wants me to be there. I have a feeling that the movie isn't just for girls so I might go with them. Hopefully before the day is done I will have a chance to e-mail some of my friends. I missed a birthday party and haven't seen my best friends since school let out.
Signing out- Jacob


Lara Ivey said...

I'm so excited for you that you are writing about the summer. Maybe Evelyn Grace can write some as well. Your uncles and grandparents can get on the internet and read about what is happening with you. YEAH!!!

Aaron said...

Congrats BLOGGERS! I look forward to keeping up with the Iveys this summer. Keep up the reading Jacob and I hope you enjoyed the movie (or whatever you ended up doing).
Tell everyone Happy 4th of July! I gotta "work". First we'll start the day off with a bbq followed by some fireworks which we'll watch from the Carillon. Cut and paste this link and you'll have an idea of what the view looks like (minus all the glorious explosions!).

Take care and talk to ya soon,