Thursday, July 10, 2008

It's Almost Here!

Here are Evelyn's thoughts about the upcoming wedding for our cousin, Brian...
Hooray for the wedding! I'm going to wear a pretty dress that has flowers all over it. It has a bright pink tie that is so lovely. I wear it almost every day because I love it so much. One day I even spilled ice cream on it, but my dad put it in the washer and got it all clean. Next, he put it on my bed and I hung it up on my door. I think I'm going to save it for the wedding in 2 days. The best part about the dress was when I decided to wear a head thing and you tie it on the back of your head. I put glasses on, lip stick, a necklace, and even a ring so I looked like a bride! You should have heard Jacob singing a funny tune so I could "approach" (Jacob's suggestion) as a bride. I am SO excited about the wedding. I know I am going to make some new friends, too. I can't wait to see Mila. She loves me and she'll LOVE my nails. I will bring my polish so if anyone wants some they can have some, but first they have to ask their mom and my mom will do it!

Very excited,
Evelyn Grace


Grammy said...

Dear Ev,

I loved your writing and I am as excited as you are--to be at the wedding and to see you in your beautiful outfit. I hope Sonja is pretty, because she will have to look pretty good to take attention away from you.

I love you and look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

Love, Grammy

WakeTechnursing08 said...

Ev I loved seeing you at the wedding. You were absolutely effervescent :-)! The dress was perfect. Jacob you were so great with Sarah Claire.
You both make me smile and happy. I love you. Give hugs and kisses to everyone.
Aunt Mila
P.S. no comments about my spelling please, it's late :-)