Monday, July 21, 2008

Cabin by the River

Last week we went to Uncle Brian's "river" by the "cabin." We had a FAB time! My daddy took us fishing. While he was getting the canoe ready, we got to start fishing. Dad didn't think that we would catch any, but on Jacob's first cast he caught one! It was a small mouth bass. We caught a lot of fish that day. Once the canoe was ready, we got in with our life jackets on and went upstream. Then we turned around and went downstream. We fished upstream and downstream. On the way back to the cabin, Jacob and I got out and got on the tube that was connected to the canoe. That way it was really fun. I was kind of scared when we were going on the bumpy things. Believe it or not, I cried. Dad said, "Do you want to get in the boat?" I said,"Yes, I do." So I got in the boat and we went on. Finally, we got to the tire swing and got the canoe out.

Then we got out and went to the tire swing. It was really amazing. Jacob got on and I could tell that he liked it. He wanted another push and another push. It looked a little scary because I was afraid I was going to fall off. But, I didn't, I stayed on. Aaron and Dad got on the swing, too. Mom didn't get on the swing. I think she was really scared like me.

The craziest thing happened. Carma got in the water and started swimming upstream. I was impressed that she could swim. Every time we go to Helen's pool (she's Grammy and Pa's neighbor) Carma will only put her front two paws in. We have to pull her in, but she definitely won't swim! You should have seen her swimming at the river. One time I looked up and she was swimming way far away from us. I think Carma might want to go swimming in the pool now.

For dinner we had hot dogs, popcorn, and marshmallows with some leftovers. We cooked the food at the fire pit. The hot dogs were delicious with those spicy peppers. It was nice having Uncle Aaron sitting next to me! I just LOVE him so much!

The last morning we were there we had a special breakfast. Do you know where we ate? We ate in the bar in the basement. When it was time for breakfast, Jacob and I went down to the cave and snuggled on Aaron. He was on the top bunk. The bunks only had an opening on one end so it was really dark and hard to get up in. Maybe that's why Aaron likes to sleep right there.

We had a spectacular time!

Signing out...
Evelyn Grace

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